Spatial Rifts Season Nine Archive

Season Nine

Final Standings


Saturday Tournaments: 3:00pm every other Saturday at Arby’s. (map)

July 19th - 2E Constructed
August 9th - 2E Constructed [Major]
August 23rd - 2E Constructed
September 6th - 2E Highlander
September 20th - 2E Constructed
October 11th - 1E 30/30
October 25th - 2E Constructed [Major]
November 8th - 2E Galactic War
November 22nd - 2E Constructed
December 6th - 2E Highlander
December 20th - 2E Constructed

Special Comic-Con Event!

 July 27th - 1E 30/30

Wednesday Tournaments: 6:30pm every four weeks at UTC. (map)

August 27th - 1E Draft
September 24th - 2E Constructed
October 22th - 2E Constructed
November 19th - 2E Constructed
December 17th - 1E Draft

Grand Finale: 10:00am, three tournaments, one day of Arby’s hospitality. (map)

January 1st – 1E 30/30, 2E Constructed [Major], and 2E Slipstream


First tournament entered: $5
Subsequent tournaments with new HQs: $1
Subsequent tournaments with repeat HQs: $5


At the end of the season, prizes will be distributed as follows:

1st place: 45%
2nd place: 25%
3rd place: 12%
4th place: 5%
5th place: 2%

Highest SR Tournament Average: 10%

Current Pot: $30
Tiebreakers: 1) SR Points, 2) Overall Record, 3) 1st Place Finishes, 4) Second Place Finishes
Highest Average: Must have completed 4 tournaments.  Excludes 1st and 2nd place league finishers.

League Rules

Spatial Rifts Points will be earned as follows:

On time to tournament: 1 SR Point.
2 Victory Points: 1 SR Point.
1 Victory Point at a Major Event: 1 SR Point.
Peerless/Bounty: 1 SR Point.
Submitting a Tournament Decklist: 1 SR Point.
Completing an Unused Mission: 1 SR Point.
Most Amusing Deck Title: 1 SR Point.
Most Whacks in a Tournament: 1 SR Point.
New HQ: 2 SR Points.
Each 1500 points earned in games: 5 SR Points.
Most Whacks in a Scenario Event: 10 SR Points.
Playing 10 HQs: 10 SR Points.
Playing all 17 HQs: 25 SR Points, and “repeat HQ” fee is repealed!

In general, the requirement for claiming a HQ used in a deck is defined as “more than half of the ships and personnel may report to the Headquarters Mission, excluding Non-Aligned”. Specific exceptions are Non-Aligned, where more than half of the ships and personnel must be Non-Aligned, Alternate Universe, where more than half of the personnel and ships must have the yellow AU icon, and Voyager, where more than half of the personnel and ships must have the Voyager icon. Here is the list of HQs, with an explanation for 1E events:

Earth: DS9*
Terok Nor*
Alternate Universe***

*Not eligible in a 1E event.
**Non-Borg Delta Quadrant in 1E.
***Mirror Quadrant in 1E.
For DS9, TNG & TOS in 1E, use Federation + Property Logo.

Spatial Rifts Score Cards

Other Definitions

Bounty: Be the first to defeat a player who was Peerless in the previous event.

Highlander: There can be only one. One copy of a card, that is. In this format, all decks, piles, side decks, etc. may not have any duplicated cards. Personas are included, so a deck cannot contain Data, Aspirer and Data, Loyal Brother, or even Sherlock Holmes.

Peerless: To go undefeated at an event.

Whack: Kill, capture, return to hand, or otherwise make an opponent lose command of a personnel, through combat, dilemmas, or anything else you do. This includes taking command of an opponent's personnel, or any time a personnel leaves play during a mission attempt (for any reason).

2E Slipstream: A highly-experimental Second Edition format from the insane mind of Dan Hamman.  The win conditions are changed to: Complete one planet or one space mission and score 50 or more points.  The round time limit is reduced to 30 minutes.  A modified win is worth as many victory points as a full win.

1E 30/30 Constructed: A First Edition format developed by Matt and the San Diego crew.

  • Minimum 30 cards per draw deck. Maximum 30 cards per seed deck. Maximum 60 cards total.
  • You may not seed more than five cards at any one mission (including dilemmas, artifacts, facilities, ships, personnel, and other cards that may seed at a location.) Sites do not count towards this limit.
  • All cards are unique.  Exception: Bajoran Wormhole.
  • Personnel Rule of 3: A player may have no more than three (3) personnel enter play in one turn. Earning seeded personnel is not included in this limit. Exception: if a ship "reports with crew", staffing requirements may override this rule.
  • Once per turn, you may play a personnel for free or make an additional end-of-turn draw.
  • When you draw the last card in your deck, shuffle the ships, personnel and equipment cards in your discard pile to create a new draw deck. (Once per game.)
  • Errata: Strike "Place on [Fer] FCA personnel." from Writ of Accountability.
  • Errata: Add "Once per game." to The Next Emanation.
  • Errata: Add [Ref] to Changeling Sweep.
  • The following cards do not count towards deck limits:
    Seeded missions and sites, cards beneath side decks
    Seeded Battle Bridge Door and seeded Q's Tent
    One (1) facility matching your affiliation
    One (1) 'Arby-Q the Referee'

Arby-Q The Referee: (Revised text for Q The Referee) Seeds on table during Doorway Phase. Intermix Ratio, Mirror Image, Oof!, Intruder Alert!, Temporal Vortex, Scorched Hand, Alternate Universe Door, and Countermanda have [Ref] icon. [Ref] cards do not count against your Q's Tent total. You may suspend play while you download any [Ref] card (ignoring all other cards) if it is an appropriate response. Used [Ref] Cards return to their owner's Q's Tent. (Unique) (Strike [Hidden Agenda] icon & [Ref] Icon.) Link

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.