"These are not nice people we're dealing with here."

You've discovered Section 31, an independent intelligence-gathering agency dedicated to gathering the latest information from our sources on the Continuing Committee, and tournament results from the previous week. From our covert subspace relay orbiting Risa, Section 31 reveals what you need to know about 1E and 2E. We typically record Monday nights at 8:30pm Pacific, and you can join us in the trekcc.org chat room. Contact us. Subscribe to the RSS Feed.

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Notice Number 2: Episodes not listed here are always available on the youtube channel.

Episode 370 - Delta Blues (mp3) 2018.11.19
The agents share their initial thoughts on The Gift, and talk more nonsense about upcoming things. There's a 2E Spoiler!
Sir Dan – Dan Hamman
Sir Rogue – Rogue Shindler
Art Director – Johnny Holeva
Special thanks to Captain Karl for his gracious permission to use music from Warp 11's album, "It's Dead, Jim."

Episode 365 - GenCon 2018 (mp3) 2018.08.06
Dan and Rogue return from GenCon with Championships and stories of Star Realms, Hero Realms, True Dungeon, Pathfinder ACG, Tribbles, Austin Powers CCG, Star Wars D6, the Poisoning at  Palomino, and more.

Episode 359 - Potpourri (mp3) 2018.04.02
Rogue details the local 1E tournament, Dan talks about Star Trek Adversaries.

Episode 358 - Fleet Tactics (mp3) 2018.03.17
Rogue details the local 1E tournament, Dan talks about Star Trek Adversaries.

Episode 353 - The Last Jedi (mp3) 2017.12.18
Dan and Rogue have a lengthy post Episode VIII discussion. Spoilers abound.

Episode 345 - Hype Man (mp3) 2017.09.18
John Corbett joins Dan to discuss the upcoming Texas Masters event.

Episode 344 - Tales of GenCon 2017 Part 2 (mp3) 2017.09.11
Sir Dan and Sir Rogue recount the post-con fun had at GenCon 2017.

Episode 343 - Tales of GenCon 2017 Part 1 (mp3) 2017.09.04
Sir Dan and Sir Rogue recount the gaming fun had at GenCon 2017.

Episode 339 - NX-2000 Continentals (mp3) 2017.07.18
Matt Kirk joins Dan to discuss North America Continentals 2017 and the Excelsior Playtest.

Episode 334 - 2E Regional 2017 (mp3) 2017.05.01
SirDan reports on the Risa 2017 Regional held in San Diego, CA.

Episode 333 - Star Wars Celebration Orlando (mp3) 2017.04.19
Dan and Rogue recount the events at the 2017 Star Wars Celebration.

Episode 332 - March 1E Local (mp3) 2017.03.27
SirRogue attended a local 1E event and gives a full report.

Episode 331 - Team Broken Bow (mp3) 2017.03.21
Sirs Dan and Rogue welcome members of the Broken Bow design team Niall Matthew and Paddy Tye to talk about the new set. Spoilers for an eel and a creep.

Episode 325 - Who Am I Again? (mp3) 2016.12.12
The last of the Peter Pan Star Trek Audio Dramas! Also some talk about 1EC cards and their removal from the pool.

Episode 324 - San Diego Masters (mp3) 2016.11.14
Dan and Rogue sit down after the post-masters barbecue and talk about the weekend. Please ignore the family noise in the background.

Episode 323 - I Got a Rock (mp3) 2016.10.31
The agents went trick or treating at the old "Peter Pan Star Trek Album" store and listened to The Robot Masters. It was bad. But it was fun to talk about!

Episode 322 - Asteroids (mp3) 2016.10.24
Sirs Dan and Rogue return to the feed for a short episode about The Man Who Trained Meteors and tribbles. Qapla'!

Episode 314 - GenCon 2016 (mp3) 2016.08.08
Mmm, Pi. Sir Dan tells the long tale of GenCon 2016, highlighting 1E, 2E, and Tribbles Masters. Also the Pathfinder ACG, Strife, Star Trek Beyond, Concert Against Humanity, and a new Serenity game.

Episode 313 - San Diego Comic Con 2016 (mp3) 2016.07.25
Rogue tells of the sights and costumes for this year's SDCC.

Episode 312 - Enterprise II (mp3) 2016.07.11
Sirs Dan and Rogue review the fan-made Enterprise episode. Spoilers abound, so watch it yourself here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrWIaElzR3U

Episode 311 - Deep Space Niners (mp3) 2016.07.04
Sir Rogue goes to a convention-like thing. With Baseball.

Episode 310 Available in Video Format Only!

Episode 309 - Origins 2016 (mp3) 2016.06.20
Sir Dan recounts the tales of a vacation in Columbus. Mostly ACG talk, but some promo spoilers at the end.

Episode 308 Available in Video Format Only!

Episode 307 - HoJo Wireless (mp3) 2016.05.17
Sir Dan chats with guest host John Corbett about tribbles and OTF.

Episode 306 - Meeples (mp3) 2016.05.09
Sir Rogue is back to review To Starve a Fleaver - the next in the 70's TOS audio episodes - with Sir Dan. Then they talk a bit about Star Trek Timelines, Triple A, and the Pathfinder ACG app.

Episode 305 - ACG and AAA (mp3) 2016.05.02
Charlie steps in for Sir Rogue, and talks with Sir Dan about 1EC cards, Project Sloane, and then off the rails to talk about the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game app, and Axis and Allies.

Episode 304 So Sorry (mp3) 2016.04.25
There are no words, but we spend most of the show talking about The Time Stealer. Then some notes about 2E, Achievements, Timelines, and a mention of 1E.

Episode 303 Arex AWOL (mp3) 2016.04.18
Review of another Audio TOS Adventure, and a 2E spoiler.

Episode 302 2016 Regional (mp3) 2016.04.11
Recap of this weekend's 1E and Tribbles Regional. And then a quick 2E spoiler.

Episode 301 Toys for Khans (mp3) 2016.04.04
Another random episode: The audio episode In Vino Veritas, a 2E spoiler, chatter about the newsletter, and some Timelines discussion.

Episode 300 Telepathic Cats And WonderCon (mp3) 2016.03.28
A range of topics today, starting with Through the Looking Glass. Then on to a review of "Passage to Moauv" and finally talk about WonderCon.

Episode 299 Hello Gentlemen (mp3) 2016.03.21
Sirs Dan and Rogue discuss the final episode of the Animated Series and what to do next. Then a brief report of the goings-on at the scrapbook party and Tribbles, and we wrap up having way too much fun with a 1E Through the Looking Glass spoiler and the accompanying email.
Link to the next Trek adventures we'll be discussing:

Episode 298 Captured All The Fun (mp3) 2016.03.14
Local 1E coverage, discussion about the new 1E set, and a quick chat about Rick and Morty.

Episode 297 The Hills Are Alive (mp3) 2016.03.08
This is not episode 237. Maybe next week Dan will get the number right. Star Trek Musical, the Animated Series, and some talk about the "new" OTF rules.

Episode 296 Blue then Green then Pink (mp3) 2016.02.29
This is not episode 236. This week Rogue and Dan give an Animated Series Review, a recap of a local 2E Tournament, and finally a 1E Kira spoiler.

Episode 295 Fleet Pride (mp3) 2016.02.16
Just a quick episode, results of a Local 1E and Tribbles Tournament.

Episode 294 Uninstalled (mp3) 2016.02.08
Review of the Animated Series Episode Practical Joker, thoughts on the Star Trek Timelines Mobile App, and new promos!

Episode 293 On A Boat (mp3) 2016.02.03
What we did on our Summer Vacation. In the Winter. 1E spoiler at the 1:15 mark.

Episode 290 8-31-1 (mp3) 2016.01.05
A full show: the long overdue chat about The Force Awakens, plus a full report on the 2016 Phoenix Tournament.

Episode 289 Peldor Joi (mp3) 2015.12.21
The Agents punt on the Star Wars talk and instead Sir Dan discusses the local 2E and Tribbles tournament.

Episode 288 Bug Eyed Monster (mp3) 2015.12.07
A rough episode of the Animated Series, some brief talk about updated 1E rules, a plea for printing help, and same-day delivery.

Episode 287 I was saying ORE-EON (mp3) 2015.11.23
Commentary on the Period of Reviews, Sir Rogue talks about a local sealed event, some Peldor Joi, and then the Animated Series.

Episode 286 More Like AU Trap (mp3) 2015.11.16
A few of our favorite Face of the Enemy cards, plus a review of the last episode of season one of the Animated Series.

Episode 284 That's All You See (mp3) 2015.11.02
Lots to talk about this week! Sirs Dan and Rogue discuss Eye of the Beholder from the Animated Series, the announcement of a new series in 2017, a 2E Face of the Enemy spoiler, and more.

Episode 283 Niven Let Die (mp3) 2015.10.26
Visual confirmation of last show’s spoiler, plus another nice dilemma. Talk about league and Crossover kits, plus a review of an Animated Series episode.

Episode 282 Fishin' For It (mp3) 2015.10.15
A 2E spoiler in Green, and we like The Animated Series episode!

Episode 281 Lasers & Feelings (mp3) 2015.10.05
The agents briefly discuss the 2E errata, crossover notes, and then it is on to the The Terratin Incident and something called Lasers and Feelings.

Episode 280 Spock / Kirk (mp3) 2015.09.28
Dan and Rogue discuss Crossover, the new 1E set. Then some comments about local 2E and the World Championships, and finally they discuss the Animated Series episode Mudd's Passion at length.

Episode 279 Crossover Anticipation (mp3) 2015.09.21
Quick show this week - a review of the Animated Series, thoughts on Crossover missions, and looking ahead to the release.

Episode 278 DragonCon and 1E (mp3) 2015.09.14
Rogue is back from Dragon Con, and coherent enough to play 1E. We talk about the con, the tournament, and have a Crossover Spoiler.

Episode 277 Ponies and Magic (mp3) 2015.08.24
Sir Dan's description of the local My Little Pony tournament is about the same as Rogue's review of The Magicks of Megas-Tu from the Animated Series. But we had a fun time discussing it!

Episode 276 Roll a d23 (mp3) 2015.08.17
Another weekend, another con report. Also our guesses at a local 2E event, and Animated Series review, and a Crossover spoiler!

Episode 270 Origins 2015 (mp3) 2015.06.15
Dan and Rogue have a quick chat about a 2E spoiler, some vague words from Charlie about a 1E spoiler, then we talk about the warehouse and achievements.

Episode 261 Warehouse Achievements (mp3) 2015.03.16
Dan and Rogue have a quick chat about a 2E spoiler, some vague words from Charlie about a 1E spoiler, then we talk about the warehouse and achievements.

Episode 260 Mirror Sealed and Chase Captains (mp3) 2015.03.09
Chairman Charlie joins Sir Dan and Sir Rogue to discuss the weekend's local Trek Tournament. Also, there's a 2E Spoiler from something that could be called Strange Bedfellows?

Episode 259 Nimoy and Rebels (mp3) 2015.03.02
Rogue speaks of the time he got a photo and signature from Leonard Nimoy. Then the agents digress into discussing Star Wars Rebels, role playing games, and Power Rangers. No spoiler this week...

Episode 258 Equipped (mp3) 2015.02.23
Tiny 1E tournament report and a 2E spoiler.

Episode 257 Brief Update (mp3) 2015.02.16
Quick chat about the warehouse, tribbles, and looking ahead to this weekend's 1E.

Episode 256 Banhammer (mp3) 2015.02.02
Results from a local 1E event, the banning of several 1E cards, speculation about the next 2E set.

Episode 251 Pre-Artemis (mp3) 2014.12.01
Sir Dan and Sir Rogue discuss the 20th Anniversary set, a 1E spoiler, and plans for Artemis.

[Temporal Anomaly Detected - Resuming Broadcasts]

Episode 234 TV Dinner (mp3) 2014.06.02
Sir Dan and guest host Chairman Charlie interview local player Thomas Vineberg about second edition and how to play better.

Episode 233 Hall Monitor John Corbett (mp3) 2014.05.26
Dan and Charlie are back this week, and joined by John Corbett to discuss the 2E Watch List. Plus there's a 1E spoiler.

Episode 232 Make it So Wrap (mp3) 2014.05.19
Chairman Charlie fills in for Sir Rogue this week, and he and Sir Dan discuss the 1E Make it So competition.

Episode 231 New Player JD (mp3) 2014.05.12
The agents interview JD Ashley, a new player in the San Diego playgroup. He talks about his first year of learning all three games at once.

Episode 230 Local Loser (mp3) 2014.04.28
Local 1E OTF coverage, in which Dan and Rogue discuss how bad Dan's deck was.

Episode 229 WonderCon2014 (mp3) 2014.04.21
Rogue reports in on WonderCon 2014, but his connection is poor.

Episode 228 Regional Champion Rogue (mp3) 2014.04.14
Dan and Rogue discuss the 2014 San Diego Regional, then chat a bit about Warp Pack: Emissary.

Episode 227 Judge Dan Hamman (mp3) 2014.04.07
Sirs Dan and Rogue discuss Make It So, and Dan's judgments therein.

Episode 226 Streak Broken (mp3) 2014.03.31
Rogue recounts the tale of a local event with a non-local player.

Episode 225 Dresden (mp3) 2014.03.24
Dan and Rogue look ahead to Santa Barbara and San Diego Regionals, and Rogue talks about the Dresden Files book series and RPG.

Episode 224 Bounty Road Trip (mp3) 2014.03.23
Sir Rogue details the 2014 Kevin Reitzel Bounty Tournament in Santa Barbara. 

Episode 223 Sets Thirty and One (mp3) 2014.03.17
The agents discuss the revealed cards from Return To Grace, a spoiler from it, and the Premiere Only tournament Dan finished.

Episode 222 1E Errata (mp3) 2014.03.16
Local 1E, Errata talk, and a RtG Spoiler.

Episode 221B Baker Street (mp3) 2014.03.12
Dan and Rogue are back for a full show. We re-title it a few minutes in, then talk about Return to Grace and other things.

Episode 221 Zero Point Five Rogue Units (mp3) 2014.03.12
We start by talking about a tournament neither of us went to, then Rogue falls off the earth and Dan rambles for a bit.

Episode 220 Bad Horse (mp3) 2014.02.13
A local event, and then Rogue talks about Ponies. OMG.

Episode 219 Zombie Dan (mp3) 2014.02.12
Dan lets SirRogue do most of the talking.

Episode 218 Not Even There (mp3) 2014.01.23
The agents discuss events they weren't at, and there's a 2E spoiler from Project Rose.

Episode 217 Slow And Go (mp3) 2014.01.23
Dan is exhausted, he and Rogue talk briefly about online events and the raffle.

Episode 216 Phoenix 2014 (mp3) 2014.01.09
Competition rises from the ashes of the winter doldrums in San Diego as 13 players descend on Arby's for the 2014 Phoenix Tournament. Sirs Dan and Rogue give a wrap-up.

Episode 215 Quiet December (mp3) 2013.12.16
Things have slowed down in San Diego as far as Trek goes. The agents chat about what has transpired.

Episode 214 White Border and God (mp3) 2013.12.01
There's a whole lot of 1E talk this episode: Dan recaps a 1E TNG draft, Rogue talks about his online Traditional OTF, there's an Emissary spoiler, and plans for the 1E portion of the Phoenix Tournament. Then we talk about the 2E spoiler, and we start with deck ideas.
Episode 213 Drafty (mp3) 2013.11.25
Dan recaps a San Diego ID Draft, we talk about cards being printable, a beautiful spoiler, and then Rogue's internet cuts out.

Episode 212 Online Revised (mp3) 2013.11.25
A bit on Make it So, a spoiler, and Rogue talks about an online event.

Episode 211 Falsehoods (mp3) 2013.11.25
SirRogue discusses his East Coast trekking. 

Episode 210 OP & MIS (mp3) 2013.11.21
Recap of the Organized Play hangout, some preview of the 1E Make It So competition, and Borum. 

Episode 209 Khan Thieves (mp3) 2013.11.03
Sir Dan talks about the local San Diego release event, and what he played.

Episode 208 Fight the Lag for Worlds (mp3) 2013.10.30
Dan and Rogue aren't quite in sync, but manage a discussion about worlds.
Episode 207 For Reals This Time (mp3) 2013.10.27
This is episode 207. Really.
Episode 206 Bashirs Too Many (mp3) 2013.10.14
Look! League cards!
Episode 205 Second at Second Edition (mp3) 2013.10.03
SirDan details the local 2E event, and his placement therein. 
Episode 204 Technology Fail (mp3) 2013.10.02
The agents battle the internets to deliver an episode.
Episode 203 Dragon Con 2013 (mp3) 2013.09.26
Rogue and Dan discuss the happenings at DragonCon 2013 in Atlanta.
Episode 202 1E NA Continentals 2013 Final (mp3) 2013.08.29
Dan's commentary while watching the final 1E match between Ken and Chris.
Episode 201 No Khantest (mp3) 2013.09.01
Dan and Rogue discuss last weekend's 2E event, punishing a meta, and their thoughts on the new set.
Episode 200 No! Sleep! At GenCon! (mp3) 2013.08.22
GenCon 2013. North American Continentals. Dan details his weekend in Indianapolis.
Episode 199 Dan Vs Rogue (mp3) 2013.08.13
Audio from the 1E tournament: Dan vs. Rogue.
Episode 198 Calm (mp3) 2013.08.13
The weekend before North American Continentals, Dan and Rogue play in a 1E tournament, discuss 1E and 2E spoilers, the raffle, and more.
Episode 197 Playtest Winn (mp3) 2013.08.11
Chairman Charlie joins Sir Dan to discuss the Project Rose card posted to the forums, and the public commentary/testing project to go with it.
Episode 196 Missed Game (mp3) 2013.08.04
Ignore what SirDan says at the beginning, this is ep 196. We discuss a tournament in San Diego that neither of us played in.
Episode 195 ComicCon 2013 (mp3) 2013.08.04
Rogue recounts his participation at San Diego ComicCon 2013.
Episode 194 Another Tin Cracked (mp3) 2013.07.18
Dan and Rogue discuss the San Diego 2013 Summer Madness Tin Draft.
Episode 193 5 Year Mission (mp3) 2013.07.02
Sir Dan and Rogue discuss promos: present and printable. Dan also introduces Rogue to Five Year Mission, a band who will perform at GenCon 2013.
Episode 192 EYPITU (mp3) 2013.06.29
A slow weekend in Risa for the agents - we talk about new promos and the Regional up in Santa Barbara.
Episode 191 Origins Story (mp3) 2013.06.24
Origins 2013 has come and gone, and Rogue and Dan sit down and chat about the highs and lows.
Episode 190 Promos (mp3) 2013.06.23
Agents Sir Dan and Sir Rogue discuss the card game, and look ahead to Origins.
Episode 189 1E Risa Regional SD (mp3) 2013.06.05
Sir Dan recounts the San Diego 2013 1E Regional.
Episode 188 From the Dreadnought (mp3) 2013.05.28
Rogue and Dan spend a few moments lamenting the upcoming 1E regional, then launch into a discussion of Star Trek Into Darkness. Here there be Spoilers.
Episode 187 Some Threes (mp3) 2013.05.23
We talk briefly about the upcoming 1E regional, and there's a 2E spoiler.
Episode 186 Rogue Drop (mp3) 2013.05.15
2013 Regional report, and others. Sir Rogue's connection was iffy.
Episode 185 In Regional Season (mp3) 2013.05.12
Local results for 1E and Tribbles, looking ahead to the San Diego 2E Regional.
Episode 184 Rock Out (mp3) 2013.05.10
Trek out with you deck out.
Episode 183 Less Relevant (mp3) 2013.04.27
What do you get when you post a spoiler after the set comes out? Ah well.
Episode 182 This Guy's The Limit (mp3) 2013.04.19
Chairman Charlie takes Rogue's seat to discuss 1E and 2E.
Episode 181 Two Halves (mp3) 2013.04.11
Sir Dan attended a 2E tournament, Sir Rogue a 1E. They share reports, plus a 1E spoiler.
Episode 180 What Day? (mp3) 2013.04.01
Local 2E report, a 1E spoiler, WonderCon, Achievement spoilers and more.
Episode 179 One Hundred to Number One (mp3) 2013.03.25
Tribbles, Regional Predictions, 1E Spoiler, and frivolity.
Episode 178 Bounty Acquired (mp3) 2013.03.21
Results of the Kevin Reitzel 2E Bounty Tournament.
Episode 177 Epic Tribbles (mp3) 2013.03.11
Dan and Rogue talk about a plethora of events over the weekend.
Episode 176 Boomerang (mp3) 2013.03.06
Sirs Dan and Rogue discuss brief 1E and 2E rules changes and the long-awaited release of new achievements.
Episode 175 Some Assembly Required (mp3) 2013.02.26
We talk about Matter of Time, upcoming events, and a Snape Spoiler!
Episode 174 Ferengi Bug (mp3) 2013.02.23
Rogue talks up Johnny's winning 2E Ferengi deck, new Achievements, and more.
Episode 173 And In This Corner (mp3) 2013.02.18
Special guest John Corbett joins Dan and Rogue to talk about the upcoming 2E set: Matter of Time.
Episode 172 Tribbles and Bits (mp3) 2013.02.05
The Chairman returns to discuss our local 1E tournament and some Matter of Time cards.
Episode 171 Tribbles and Bits (mp3) 2013.01.28
Sir Rogue returns to discuss Tribbles, 1E online, and the next 2E set with Sir Dan. With spoilers of the release promo and a familiar-looking dilemma.
Episode 170 Charlie's Tent (mp3) 2013.01.21
The Chairman Charlie Plaine jumps in to cover for the ill SirRogue, and we talk about the new 1E Tent, 1E treaties, 2E artwork, and more.
Episode 169 2012 Nationals West (mp3) 2013.01.16
Much talk about the 1E and 2E tournaments, then a pair of name-only spoilers from upcoming 1E and 2E sets.
Episode 168 Anticipation (mp3) 2013.01.10
We can't stop talking about that tin draft. But we do score another spoiler.
Episode 167 Phoenix Tin (mp3) 2013.01.03
A long tale about the local 1E draft, and then a 2E spoiler.
Episode 166 Magnify (mp3) 2012.12.20
A 1E spoiler, some comments from the chat room. A light show.
Episode 165 Check Local Listings (mp3) 2012.12.12
We talk online tournment play, we narrowly miss a spoiler, and this time there was video. Watch us record live on Monday nights at 8:30 pacific from the Trek CC Chat Room.
Episode 164 Not Really (mp3) 2012.12.06
Despite the talk, the video didn't happen. So listen in for some clueless 2E errata talk, and 1E tournament results.
Episode 163 Large Wooden Badger (mp3) 2012.11.28
A different state of fluxx, 2E, a TN tournament report, and a 2E spoiler.

Episode 162 Raffle y 1E (mp3) 2012.11.24
Quick show about a local 1E event, some thoughts on the Raffle.
Episode 161 Agyer (mp3) 2012.10.31
An Engage spoiler, tribble talk, and other.
Episode 160 Three by Five (mp3) 2012.10.25
A local 2E event, plus two Engage spoilers.
Episode 159 Not Much (mp3) 2012.10.14
A thrilling discussion about new things!
Episode 158 Roadrunner's Nemesis! (mp3) 2012.10.08
We get a special report from Florida
Episode 157 Block Party (mp3) 2012.09.30
Local 1E tournament report, plus talk about contests.
Episode 156 Con Season Closes 2012 (mp3) 2012.09.12
Worlds, tournaments on Worlds Weekend, DragonCon, and a 2E spoiler.
Episode 155 GenCon Baby (mp3) 2012.08.27
Listen to SirRogue and Chairman Charlie recap GenCon 2012.
Episode 153 Again (mp3) 2012.08.04
It's another episode of Section 31! Listen and find out what happens!
Episode 152 TK2E (mp3) 2012.07.24
Sir Rogue returns to talk about Comic Con, and TK returns to San Diego to school us all at a 2E tournament.
Note: At one point during the show, Dan asks Rogue a question, but it wasn't answered. First one to post the correct answer (and question!) to the boards gets one of Sir Dan's last Sloan foils.
Episode 151 Not Sir Rogue (mp3) 2012.07.11
Sir Dan interviews (and is interviewed by) Chairman Charlie Plaine.
Episode 150 Long Day (mp3) 2012.07.04
Report of a long day of tournaments in San Diego.
Episode 149 Again With Lineage (mp3) 2012.06.28
Sirs Dan and Rogue discuss the Regional Season and new 2E set.

Episode 148 Lineage Notes (mp3) 2012.06.13
Sirs Dan and Rogue discuss the Regional Season and new 2E set.
Episode 147 After Tee Ball (mp3) 2012.06.06
Dan talks about his trip to Origins. At length.

Episode 146 Three for Three (mp3) 2012.06.01
1E Regional Results.
Episode 145 Oily (mp3) 2012.05.23
Some 2E meat this week.
Episode 144 Blockheads (mp3) 2012.05.16
Another 2E spoiler, some talk about Rogue's Crusade.
Episode 143 Something in my Drink (mp3) 2012.05.09
Sirs Dan and Rogue talk at length about a pair of local events. And then ramble on some more. There's a 2E spoiler in there if you can get to it.
Episode 142 SB Domination (mp3) 2012.05.02
Rogue talks about his productive trip to Santa Barbara.
Episode 141 Tis the Season (mp3) 2012.04.25
Regional action, with local results and general nonsense.
Episode 140 Please State the Nature of the Gangsta Emergency (mp3) 2012.04.17
Recap of a local 1E tournament, Regional Draft update, and the Project Iron vote.
Episode 139 B. Huff (mp3) 2012.04.11
Just a quick one this week. Spoilers for TNG and a plea for Regional Results to be posted promptly!
Episode 138 2012 Regional Draft (mp3) 2012.04.03
Charlie and Brad join Dan and Rogue to draft affiliations for the 2012 Regional Season. Also 2E and 1E Spoilers!
Episode 137 Season Eight (mp3) 2012.03.28
Planning the Draft, 1E Spoilers, and something to follow.
Episode 136 Lose Cybernetics and Gain Geology (mp3) 2012.03.25
WonderCon, we lie about having a 2E spoiler, and tournament reports.
Episode 135 More Locals (mp3) 2012.02.26
The agents spend some time talking about local tournaments.
Episode 134 MIS 2012 (mp3) 2012.02.18
Dan and Rogue discuss the MIS 2012 finale, local 2E events, and a 1E spoiler.
Episode 133 Every Other Show (mp3) 2012.02.09
Quick one this week - but we have a 2E spoiler.

Episode 132 Ya-Hoah! (mp3) 2012.01.24
Tribbles with Swedes, local 1E Sealed, and one of the three 2012 Regional Promos.

Episode 131 News from Afar (mp3) 2012.01.19
The operatives discuss the dissident borg, other dissidents, other tournaments, and an impromptu Tribbles tournament.

Episode 130 Hosting a Tongo Game (mp3) 2012.01.08
Dan and Rogue discuss the three-tournament weekend, and Unity's first effects on the local scene.

Episode 129 Hosting a Tongo Game (mp3) 2011.12.12
More local tournaments, a Unity spoiler, and this isn't a repeat of last week.

Episode 128 Nemesis is Forbidden (mp3) 2011.12.04
More local tournaments, a Unity spoiler, and talk of Rogue's Nemesis.

Episode 127 Dan Interviews Rogue (mp3) 2011.11.15
With Dan out of the loop, it falls to Sir Rogue to fill in the details of the week's action.

Episode 126 Spoiled by the Chairman (mp3) 2011.11.07
Chairman Charlie Plaine takes over the guest hosting spot and spills plenty of spoliers.

Episode 125 Stuff y Spoiler (mp3) 2011.10.23
Online events, MiS. And a spoiler!

Episode 124 Still No Spoiler (mp3) 2011.10.05
Local events, MIS '11, and Warp 11.

Episode 123 The Siege of 558 (mp3) 2011.09.27
Sir Dan and Commodore Rogue discuss the Star Trek Card Game.

Episode 122 DragonCon 2011 (mp3) 2011.09.14
DragonCon 2011!

Episode 121 Late Summer (mp3) 2011.09.06
A recap of a local event, some discussion about online things, looking ahead to DragonCon.

Episode 120 2011 Affiliation Draft Results (mp3) 2011.08.23
The results are in! How did you do? And what is next for achievements?

Episode 119 GenCon 2011 (mp3) 2011.08.15
Sirs Dan and Rogue give their perspective on the happenings at Worlds 2011. Programming note: the Draft results will be discussed in next week's episode.

Episode 118 2011 Affiliation Draft (mp3) 2011.07.29
Annual Worlds Affiliation Draft! Guests Brad and Charlie.

Episode 117 NACC Wrap (mp3) 2011.07.21
Recap of the happenings at the North American Continental Championship, from the perspective of the agents in attendance. Long.

Episode 116 Pre-NACC (mp3) 2011.07.14
Dan and Rogue talk about the upcoming North American Continentals, the Australian CC, and cards receiving errata. Also, Dan is a jerk.

Episode 115 Origins 2011 (mp3) 2011.06.28
Recap of the happenings at Origins 2011 in Columbus, Ohio. http://www.bandaicg.com/startrek/

Episode 114 The Others (mp3) 2011.07.06
The lost Episode! Was it worth coming back for?

Episode 113 Jerk Unit (mp3) 2011.06.08
Tournaments, errata, and 2E spoilers.

Episode 112 SDTK (mp3) 2011.06.01
First Edition Regional in San Diego! Thomas Kamiura returns to produce the show!

Episode 111 Mailbag Week (mp3) 2011.05.18
Between Regionals, Sir Rogue and Sir Dan answer leftover questions and offer commentary.

Episode 110 Double Lucky (mp3) 2011.05.12
Three tournament results - one of each format.

No show this week; for your Shades of Gray entertainment, go read this game report by SAM2000

Episode 109 Two Front War (mp3) 2011.04.28
Santa Barbara Regional Results - who played what?

Episode 108 Tribblenomicon (mp3) 2011.04.18
Multiple tournament results - and Tribbles regional results!

Episode 107 Arena (mp3) 2011.04.09
Sir Dan vs. Sir Rogue in an online 2E game. No Lackey at this point, so we describe each of our actions. Perhaps not for the patient.

Episode 106 Starbase 805 (mp3) 2011.03.24
Interview with Chris Donati of Santa Barbara!

Episode 105 Erratament (mp3) 2011.03.16
Dan and Rogue talk about tournaments and the rules changes for 1E and 2E. Shades of Gray spoiler!

Episode 104 Jerad of Borg (mp3) 2011.03.12
Jerad stops in to co-host this show, and offers insight into the coming regional season.

Episode 103 Open Positions (mp3) 2011.03.09
Current events, and a brief discussion about the Open CC positions.

Episode 102 Presented Without Comment (mp3) 2011.03.01
We plan for the future, reminisce about the past, and throw out some "dream cards" by request.

Episode 101 Reports on Back-order (mp3) 2011.02.16
We have a ton of tournaments to talk about. Locally, it was a Section 31 sweep! Farpoint Series too.

Episode 100 Full Win (mp3) 2011.02.10
Operatives Dan and Rogue reminisce about Trek and previous episodes, then answer listener questions. Would you believe a 2E Spoiler?

Episode 99 Cylons and Thomas's (mp3) 2011.01.31
Interview with Thomas Vineberg, a local tournament winner. Also: Dan's audio is horrible, the first half of the show was lost to a Stellar Flare, and the Spoiler for Family didn't make the final cut.

Episode 98 Phoenix 2011 (mp3) 2011.01.12
Sirs Rogue and Dan discuss the events that transpired at the 2011 Phoenix Tournament. 2E spoiler.

Episode 97 Double Complete Spoiler (mp3) 2011.01.06
Yet another 1E tournament report, plus a 1E & 2E spoiler. With comments.

Episode 96 One Too Few (mp3) 2010.12.28
A 1E tournament report, plus a 2E spoiler.

Episode 95 Hologrammatical (mp3) 2010.12.10
Tournament report and Achievements with Chairman Charlie.

Episode 94 SCV Good to Go (mp3) 2010.12.03
SirDan explains just how much luck it takes for him to win a tournament.

Episode 93 1E US Nationals West (mp3) 2010.11.24
Sir Rogue reports on the road trip.

Episode 92 Lots of The Brad (mp3) 2010.11.14
The Brad comes to the show. He answers questions, and has questions of his own. We talk for over an hour!

Episode 91 1E More Time (mp3) 2010.11.04
Dan and Rogue discuss the results of a local 1E event, and thoughts on the 2E promo poll.

Episode 90 Giants (mp3) 2010.10.29
Tournament Report, baseball tangent.

Episode 89 SnS (mp3) 2010.10.26
Straight and Steady, plus 2E faction fun cards.

Episode 88 Santa Barbara (mp3) 2010.10.17
Two agents are dispatched to Santa Barbara, and report back on meta and two tournaments.

Episode 87 Post-Worlds 2010 (mp3) 2010.10.07
Results from a local event, worlds, the worlds contest, a 1E spoiler, and a visit from the Chairman.

Episode 86 Fail at Being Clever (mp3) 2010.09.23
Tournament Report, another 1E Spoiler.

Episode 85 Con Done, League On (mp3) 2010.09.16
Current Events, Dragon Con, 1E Spoiler.
DS9 panel video, story from Garret Wang (yes, it ends up relating to DS9)
DS9 panel pics and other pics from Dragon*Con:

Episode 84 The Contest (mp3) 2010.09.01
Charlie joins the agents again, this time for a bit of a contest. And how about a spoiler?

Episode 83 Damaged Security Officer (mp3) 2010.08.24
Another Peak Performance spoiler, and Rogue's thoughts on DragonCon.

Episode 82 Romulan Agent (mp3) 2010.08.21
A 1E and tribbles tournament report, and info about a new card from Peak Performance.

Episode 81 GenCon 2010 (mp3) 2010.08.11
An exhausted Chairman joins us to talk about North American Continentals and the next 2E set.

Episode 80 ComicCon 2010 (mp3) 2010.07.29
Con season is in full swing, and we're exhausted. Spoilers for both editions.

Episode 79 Lazy Summer Weekend (mp3) 2010.07.13
Recap of the weekend 2E tournament, Tribbles, plus info on future 1E, and a 2E spoiler.

Episode 78 Origins (mp3) 2010.07.11

Episode 77 Podcast From Podcastlessness (mp3) 2010.06.22
More talk about LFL and the run-up before Origins.

Episode 76: 1E Bonanza (mp3) 2010.06.10
1E Regional Results and a Spoiler for Lifflefuffle.

Episode 75: Between Regionals (mp3) 2010.05.30
2E in the past, 1E in the future.

Episode 74: Chairman Intelligence (mp3) 2010.05.08
The Continuing Committee Chairman is interviewed.

Episode 73: Tournament Report (mp3) 2010.04.30
A weekend tournament report from San Diego.

Episode 72: Purrrrr (mp3) 2010.04.13
Tournament results, MIS, ID Mission, and tribble talk.

Episode 71: Meandering Rambles (mp3) 2010.04.09
An interesting new 1E spoiler, some thoughts on MIS, ID stuff... we're all over the map.

Episode 70: Imaginary Friends (mp3) 2010.04.01
The agents discuss a local 1E tournament, a Medical Related 1E spoiler, and the "Imagine" MIS entries.

Episode 69: Dollar Short (mp3) 2010.03.26
A bit late for MIS reviews, but we talk about it anyway! Also another spoiler for the next 2E release, and some info about 1E too.

Episode 68: Double Spoiler (mp3) 2010.03.19
Tournament report, and a spoiler for 1E and 2E.

Episode 67: Format Sea Colon (mp3) 2010.03.12
Thoughts about the crazy new MIS challenge, and thinking about new formats.

Episode 66: Make it Slow (mp3) 2010.03.05
Special Guest Ben Hosp talks about Make It So, and we discuss the past weekend's SlipStream Tournaments.

Episode 65:Technical Difficulties (mp3) 2010.02.28
Finally a return, although not all problems have been ironed out. Expect better sound quality next week!

Special Make It So Episode 03: Keyword Ramblings (mp3) 2010.02.10
Operatives Dan and Rogue chat for a bit about Keywords they think are in need of revisiting, and offer some card ideas.

Special Make It So Episode 02: Mission Mission Entries (mp3) 2010.02.07
Dan and Rogue comment on their favorite entries for Challenge #2.

Episode 64: Nationals West (mp3) 2010.02.07
The big day in San Diego.

Special Make It So Episode 01: Mission Mission Discussion (mp3) 2010.01.29
Operatives Dan and Rogue discuss challenge #2.

Episode 63: Off the Island (mp3) 2010.01.27
Looking ahead to Nationals, back at East Nationals, and over at Make it So.

Episode 62: Tournament Report (mp3) 2010.01.21
Tournament Report!

Episode 61: Championship Season (mp3) 2010.01.14
Talking about online play, Allegiance, and the summer season ahead.

Episode 60: Phoenix 2010 (mp3) 2010.01.09
Coverage of the 2010 Phoenix Tournament in San Diego

Episode 59: Chairman's Visit Part Two (mp3) 2010.01.04
The rest of the discussion with Charlie.

Episode 58: Chairman's Allegiance (mp3) 2009.12.26
Charlie stops by to discuss the new set.

Episode 57: Another Ferengi (mp3) 2009.12.18
Draft formats, Allegiance Spoiler: Ferengi Commander. Static caused by Romulans.

Episode 56: Double Tournament (mp3) 2009.12.13
Allegiance Spoiler, Two local tournament results. 

No episode this week (one of the agents contracted the Fostossa virus and is recovering), so how about an Allegiance Spoiler!
[Fer] 5 •Quetsivoo (Unidentified Pirate Ship)
[Stf] [Stf]
[Pa] Guzah'far Class
While you command three [Pa] [Fer] personnel aboard this ship, it is attributes +4. Each of your [Fer] personnel aboard this ship gains [Pa].
"With this ship and your talents we could build a vast fortune."

Episode 55: Equinox (mp3) 2009.11.19
A bit of 1E chat and a Mission of for the new Equinox team in Allegiance.

Episode 54: Allegiance Again (mp3) 2009.11.19
How about an Allegiance Spoiler? We talk about a new card with special guest, Neil Timmons. Also, results from the Sweeden Nationals, and Local Tournament highlights.

Episode 53: RV Alpha (mp3) 2009.11.12
Phoenix Tournament hype, 15th Anniversary cards.

Episode 52: Fanfare (mp3) 2009.10.30
Second thoughts on Voyager, and tournament results.

Episode 49: Blasting Off (mp3, m4a) 2009.10.08
The league season begins, and the operatives share their initial WCT experiences.

Episode 48: Standing By (mp3, m4a) 2009.09.24
This Side of Paradise is legal for the beginning of the new league season!
Warp 11 Tracks: Baby Take Me To Your Nuclear Wessel, Beam Into Me

Episode 47: Standing By (mp3, m4a) 2009.09.21
As con season ends, the operatives are in CCG limbo, looking back to DragonCon and forward to League play.

Episode 46: Battle of the Heroes, Part 2 (mp3, m4a) 2009.09.03
2009 Tribbles Worlds results and other GenCon wrap-up.

Episode 45: Battle of the Heroes, Part 1 (mp3, m4a) 2009.08.20
Gen Con, baby! Dan & Rogue return from Indy with all manner of Trek tidings. First of two Gen Con coverage episodes.

Episode 44: Passage Through the Planet Core (mp3, m4a) 2009.07.05
Spatial Rifts Season 10 comes to a close, and light Continentals results.
Link: Video of Phoenix 7/09

Episode 43: The Walls Converge, Part 2 (mp3, m4a) 2009.07.04
Jeremy is back to chat about June's Revised feedback and its effects on the format..

Episode 42: The Walls Converge, Part 1 (mp3, m4a) 2009.06.24
Initial reactions and results from the 1E Revised Risa Regionals; Jeremy Commandeur is the guest.

Episode 41: Across the Stars (mp3, m4a) 2009.06.22
Our intelligence abounds this week, and a new source is discovered.

Episode 40: Through the Flames (mp3, m4a) 2009.06.04
Our intelligence abounds this week, and a new source is discovered.

Episode 39: Duel of the Fates (mp3, m4a) 2009.05.28
Risa Regional results and 1E remarks. Link: High-res Tribunal of Q 9-up.

Episode 38: Mad About Me (mp3, m4a) 2009.05.21
Organizational tips, deck tech, and new music!
Music: "What Would William Shatner Do?" and the title track from Warp 11's new album "I Don't Want to Go to Heaven As Long As They Have Vulcans in Hell"
Deck: Ferengi Regional NL, by Peter van der Helm

Episode 37: Main Titles (mp3, m4a) 2009.05.14
First Edition virtual card quality, Will of the Collective, and movie chat.
Do not listen unless you have seen the new Star Trek film.

Episode 36: The Magic Tree (mp3, m4a) 2009.04.30
Graphic designer Seth Claybrook stops by to discuss his work on the upcoming 1E virtual sets.

Episode 35: The Return Home (mp3, m4a) 2009.04.16
Dan & Rogue are back after a prolonged hiatus! Tribbles, Raise the Stakes, and Will of the Collective are bandied about, and a new contest emerges. 

Episode 34: Faking the Code (mp3, m4a) 2009.03.05
Dan is absent, so Matt steals his chair and chats with Rogue about Raise the Stakes hitting the tournament scene. Spoiler inside! 

Episode 33: Imperial Attack (mp3, m4a) 2009.02.12
Based on the Next Generation 2-part episode, "Redemption", Rogue and Dan build a tournament scenario. 2009 Regionals intel inside!

Episode 32: Into the Trap (mp3, m4a) 2009.02.05
Interview meatloaf! Brad and Charlie talked an awful long time, and the best leftover nuggets are revealed by the operatives.

Episode 31: The Ultimate Gamble (mp3, m4a) 2009.01.31
Raise the Stakes has hit the streets, and Rogue, Dan, Charlie, and Brad sit down to sort it all out.

Episode 30: Solo Command (mp3, m4a) 2008.12.25
Sir Dan interrogates TCC Art Director Johnny Holeva. Happy holidays!

Episode 29: Bloodlines (mp3, m4a) 2008.12.18
2008 2E Champ Kevin Jaeger is interrogated by the operatives. Raise the Stakes spoiler inside!

Episode 28: Hard Contact (mp3, m4a) 2008.12.11
Rogue and Dan chat about new Ref reprints, Transwarp Limited, and the Premium Deckbuilder.

Episode 27: Crosscurrent (mp3, m4a) 2008.11.27
Twin Cities tournament director Dave Kuck stops by to discuss results from the recent US West Nationals with the operatives.

Episode 26: In the Empire's Service, part 2 (mp3, m4a) 2008.11.27
After reestablishing their subspace link, Dan and Rogue coerce Brad to spill some Raise the Stakes details. Spoiler inside!

Episode 25: In the Empire's Service (mp3, m4a) 2008.11.20
The operatives put the screws to TCC Lead Designer Brad DeFruiter, coercing him the reveal some behind-the-scenes details.

Episode 24: Outbound Flight (mp3, m4a) 2008.11.13
Sirs Dan & Rogue chat about the Continuing Committee's announcement on mission proxies, and ponder the dearth of recent tournament attendance.
This episode is dedicated to the memory our friend John Sonsteng (1963-2008), who was a faithful part of the San Diego 2E crew for several years.

Episode 23: Street of Shadows (mp3, m4a) 2008.10.30
Dan & Rogue return with opinions on tournament kits, skill badges, and movie spoilers.

Episode 22: Labyrinth of Evil (mp3, m4a) 2008.09.25
Romulan deckbuilding, League aspirations, and office dodging. 
NOTE: One (1) Jean-Luc Picard, Explorer promo (0P73) will be awarded to a deck idea randomly selected from among the Romulan submissions, so send something in!

Episode 21: Splinter of the Mind's Eye (mp3, m4a) 2008.09.11
Reports from DragonCon, Transwarp Draft testing, and Highlander results! (DragonCon Photo Link)

Episode 20: The Big Con (mp3, m4a) 2008.08.21
Four days of Trek to catch up on and a new World Champion to interview!  Plus a contest!

Episode 19: Planet Plague (mp3, m4a) 2008.07.31
Braving the germs of over 100,000 fanboys, the operatives bring you results from ComicCon with special guest Jeremy Commandeur. FTB spoiler included!

Episode 18: Tyrant's Test (mp3, m4a) 2008.07.17
North American Continental Champion John Corbett stops by the relay station for a chat. Favor the Bold spoiler inside! Link: SoCal 30/30 Format.

Episode 17: Shatterpoint (mp3, m4a) 2008.07.10
Twelve rounds in twelve hours this past Saturday, and Dan and Rogue cover them all!

Episode 16: Planet of Twilight (mp3, m4a) 2008.07.03
The Section 31 crew examines the NACC results, while Sir Rogue gives us a few tips on how to score autographed cards. Spoiler included!

Episode 15: Crimson Empire (mp3, m4a) 2008.06.26
Galactic War results are in, and info on Project Subspace is discussed.

Episode 14: Still Active After All These Years (mp3, m4a) 2008.06.19
The newest Continuing Committee member, 1E Director Jeremy Commandeur, drops by for a chat.

Episode 13: The Paradise Snare (mp3, m4a) 2008.06.05
The Section 31 crew returns from the Risa Regional with deck info, notable plays, and final results.

Episode 12: Festival of Warriors (mp3, m4a) 2008.05.29
The operatives discuss the many flavors of the Highlander format, and predict what they will see at San Diego's Regional this Saturday. Happy birthday to Sir Dan!

Episode 11: ...and the Lost Legacy (mp3, m4a) 2008.05.22
Sirs Dan and Rogue wrangle tournament reports from TUC's premiere weekend. First TUC Regional report included!

Episode 10: The Day of Reckoning (mp3, m4a) 2008.05.08
The Undiscovered Country releases on Friday, and the operatives deliver two spoilers ahead of time! Franklin Kenter joins the team to discuss deck strategy.

Episode 9: Dark Force Rising (mp3, m4a) 2008.05.01
Dan and Rogue discuss the strengths of interactive decks, and Field Agent Rob Johnson reports in. TUC spoiler inside!

Episode 8: Patterns of Force (mp3, m4a) 2008.04.24
The operatives call for your aid in gathering tournament intelligence! Report on recent Regionals winners and The Undiscovered Country spoiler included!

Episode 7: Specter of the Past (mp3, m4a) 2008.04.17
Sirs Dan and Rogue take a trip down memory lane with a 1E show. TUC spoiler and Listener Mail included! (Link: Kevin Jaeger's Fed Battle Deck)

Episode 6: Allegiance (mp3, m4a) 2008.04.03
The S31 operatives discuss the upcoming Faction Weeks promotion and answer some listener mail. The Undiscovered Country spoiler inside!

Episode 5: The Lost Ones (mp3, m4a) 2008.03.27
Sirs Dan and Rogue discuss methods of increasing and maintaining attendance at tournaments. Link: Lackey

Episode 4: Cloak of Deception (mp3, m4a)

Episode 3: Delusions of Grandeur (mp3, m4a)

Episode 2: Heir to the Empire (mp3, m4a)

Episode 1: Vision of the Future (mp3, m4a)